I’m a middle child

I love to interact with people on Facebook. I often throw a random question out there to create communication amongst a diverse group of people. 

Today’s question was,

Do you have siblings or are you an only child? Step sisters or brothers? Where do you fall in the lineup? Are you the oldest, a middle child or are you the baby?

So I’ll ask you the same question! I look forward to your comments!


One thought on “I’m a middle child

  1. I am the youngest of 4. Blessed by being the only child able to spend a large part of my life with my father. He was a navy man and didn’t retire until I was in the 2nd grade. My brothers and siste were pretty much grown by then. The age difference was significant. One 8 years older one 9 years older and one 4 years older.
    I grew up with both parents and was loved by both. I was extremely close to my dad which made my siblings jealous. He passed 15 years ago from cancer and I was blessed to be by his side. I had no regrets of wish I had said or had done. He knew I loved him.
    Now it’s just my Mom. We are very close. I was with her through a knee replacement and when she struggled through all of her breast cancer treatments
    Being the youngest has it’s downfalls but it also allows so many blessings. I feel closer to my parents because I saw everything they went through with my siblings. I learned from their mistakes. I tried to cause the least amount of trouble for them because I saw the hurt my siblings caused.
    I love being the baby!


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