Nobody Fights Alone

I’d driven by the building hundreds of times. I had no reason to go to that place. Thank God I didn’t need what they were selling. It wasn’t that the building wasn’t attractive, because in fact, it’s a beautiful brick structure designed to give you a sense of serenity, but you do not go if you don’t have a reason. I had a reason in June of 2015. That’s when I was diagnosed with cancer and after all of those years of driving by that place, I actually had no choice. I had to walk through the automatic doors to meet my Oncologist.

Two years have passed and now I go through those doors because I want to. I’m drawn to the cancer center. I spend time painting rocks with inspirational sayings written on them. I load the rocks into a basket and deliver them to The Cancer Center at least twice a week. The wire basket that stands one foot tall sits on a table just outside of the pharmaceutical window. A hand printed sign hanging on the basket encourages Chemo patients to take a rock. I’m sad to say that to date, I’ve never been able to fill the wire basket. The rocks go too fast. Other women in my community help me with this project and still, we can’t meet the demand. I’ve been told that patients are seen holding their special rocks as they sit back and receive treatment. I’ve witnessed some things at The Cancer Center during my drop offs that I can only type about. I’m unable to verbally tell these stories because they are too emotional. I look forward to sharing these precious memories with you.


4 thoughts on “Nobody Fights Alone

  1. oh wow. I never would of thought of painting rocks with inspiration. What a wonderfully caring thing to do. I take my dog to nursing homes and to the hospice center to visit.Can I steal your inspiration for our own cancer center. i’d be glad to place a sign on a basket saying where the idea came from.

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    • Oh please do steal! If I’m not mistaken, this project started on Cape Cod. I believe it was called, The Kindness Project. I belong to the local group in my town. The Burg Rocks now has 10,000+ members! The rocks are hidden all over town. I chose to take it to another level and keep the cancer center stocked. We refill the basket three times a week. Honestly, we cannot meet the demand and it breaks my heart.


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