Wednesday morning, June 21st, the anesthesiologist entered the room.”Mrs. Lambert, you indicated that you are allergic to Valium therefore I’m not going to start the IV until you are in the OR. You are going to see and remember quite a bit right up until I put you out. Are you ok with this?”

“Yes Sir. Thank you. Please make sure you wake me up when it’s over.”
I kiss Donnie as they put the side rails up on the bed. The nurse adjusts my hair net. And just like that they grab the bed and it’s rolling down the hallway. 
“7:44” the nurse says.

“7:44” the doctor says.

I take it all in. The room looks like a spaceship and the six people in the room are dressed from head to toe in white with clear shields over their faces. 

“Mrs. Lambert, we need you to move over to this table.”

The operating table is skinny and I’m certain it will not hold my rear end and I let them know. We laugh as they strap my arms down. I can see my body in the overhead light. I’m shaped like a a T. 

“7:46” the nurse says.

“7:46” the doctor says.

“Mrs. Lambert, I’m going to start the medication. You won’t be awake much longer.” He says.

My heart rate picks up and I look at all of their faces. “I’m still awake, don’t cut anything open until I’m asleep please!”

“7:48” the nurse says.

“7:48” the doctor says.

“I’m fading!” I tell them. “Please fix me, thank you in advance.” I said. And the next thing I remember was the bed rolling into a room where my family was waiting to greet  me. 

Cancer and the effects it has on a body are terrible. Life isn’t pretty but it sure is beautiful.


One thought on “7:44

  1. You make me cry every time I read something of the struggles that you have gone through but I rejoice in the Courage that you display every time you write about this season of your life you bring hope and courage to a lot of us who feel that the darkness has taken over your light among many stay strong prayers with you always


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